Angel Locsin and Sam Milby – ‘Only You’ Philippine Version

Angel Locsin teams up with Sam Milby in the Philippine remake of the hit Korean series "Only You".

According to earlier reports, the title of the Angel-Sam series was “Buhay ng Buhay Ko” but the ABS-CBN management decided to give them the Koreanovela remake instead.

Angel Locsin will be playing the role of Jillian, Sam Milby as TJ, and completing the triangle is Diether Ocampo for the role of Jonathan. At the helm is “Love Me Again” director, Rory Quintos.

Angel, Sam and Diether will start taping the series in Korea next month. The original koreanovela was set in Venice, Italy but the Philippine version will take on a more Asian feel.

Here’s the PLOT of Only You from Wikipedia:

Jillian (Angel Locsin) is a very stubborn and proud girl who has a passion for cooking. Because she does not have an interest in studying, she runs away to Italy before she graduates from high school to enroll in cooking school. Her high school friend, who loves her dearly and shares her passion for cooking, comes along with her.

TJ (Sam Milby) is from a wealthy family who owns a large hotel and various restaurants. He travels to Korea in search of his mother that abandoned his family when he was young and there he runs into Jillian. Coincidentally, Jillian had also been seeking the mother, who happens to be a chef, to learn the secrets to making great pasta. Both chance upon the mother just as she was about to get remarried to a Korean. She comforts TJ, who is distraught over his mother’s remarriage, and they spend the night together. She ends up pregnant and has to give up her dream – but does not tell TJ.

Six years later, they have all returned to live in Philippines – Jillian working low paying cooking jobs, TJ taking over the operations of his family’s restaurant, and Jillian’s friend, Jonathan (Diether Ocampo), working as a chef for one of the restaurants owned by TJ and financially supporting Jillian’s family, including the child born out of wedlock, because they have fallen on hard times. TJ still has feelings for Jillian and they run into each other just as he is looking for a new chef for his restaurant–with her in mind.

Only You is set to premiere on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida on May 2009.

Here’s the poster of the original koreanovela:

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