Jommy Teotico Wins Pinoy Fear Factor

24-year-old model Jommy Teotico was declared "El Ultimo Participante" after beating 18-year-old Janna Dominguez in the final stunt of Pinoy Fear Factor.

In the final stunt, dubbed as “El Último Duelo,” Jommy Teotico and Janna Dominguez must drive a car very fast towards a slanted ramp which causes the car to flip over. The stunt is called Volcando el Auto (Car Roll Over). The one who lands the car farthest from the starting line becomes “El Último Participante.”

Jommy landed the car farther at 22.5 m. compared to Janna’s 17.1 m. He was therefore deemed “El Último Participante” winning P2 million pesos and a house & lot from Avida.

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