100 Most Beautiful Pinays of 2009 – Nos. 51 to 100

Check out who's up or who's down in our 100 Most Beautiful Women in the Philippines for 2009 ranking from no. 51 to 100 including 14 new entries for this year.

51. Pauleen Luna

52. Mirriam Quiambao

53. Regine Velasquez

54. Gretchen Barretto

55. Sheena Halili

56. Carlene Aguilar

57. Alex Gonzaga

58. Jackie Rice

59. Isabel Oli

60. Lea Salonga

61. Yasmien Kurdi

62. Charlene Gonzalez

63. Karla Paula Henry

64. Jodi Sta. Maria

65. Bianca Manalo

66. Ehra Madrigal

67. Angel Aquino

68. Maxene Magalona

69. Carmina Villaroel

70. Yeng Constantino

71. Bianca King

72. Phoemela Barranda

73. Jennica Garcia

74. Diana Zubiri

75. Agot Isidro

76. Georgina Wilson

77. Denise Laurel

78. Donita Rose

79. Rica Peralejo

80. Kyla

81. Valerie Weignmann

82. Francine Prieto

83. Princess Ryan

84. Bernadette Sembrano

85. Bubbles Paraiso

86. Amanda Griffin

87. Maggie Wilson

88. Sandra Seifert

89. Rufa Mae Quinto

90. Jean Garcia

91. Sarah Meier

92. Bianca Roque

93. Pia Guanio

94. Teresa Herrera

95. Jo Ann Bitagcol

96. Krista Ranillo

97. RR Enriquez

98. Vicky Morales

99. Wendy Valdez

100. Janna Dominguez

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