Ram Sagad is the 2nd Participante Eliminated from Pinoy Fear Factor

Another bikini contest winner got the boot in Pinoy Fear Factor.

Basketball hunk and Century Superbod winner Ram Sagad had the shortest time in the stunt called “Acrobasias en Helicoptero” among the four contenders fighting from getting eliminated this week.

The other 3 participantes were able to hold on to a moving helicopter longer than Ram who was only able to last 30 seconds. Elmer, the veterinary, lasted 38 seconds, Jommy, the playboy, lasted 39 seconds and Jose Sarasola bested them all with 49 seconds.

The previous challenge was eating cow eyes and sheep brains where the girls trumped the guys. The participante who won immunity this week is the struggling businessman Manuel Chua, who finished the stunt “Coglarse Como Tarzan” in just 47 seconds.

Last week, Bikini Summit 2007 winner Gail Nicolas was the first participante to get the boot.

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