Pinoy Fear Factor – Full Trailer Premiere

(UPDATED!) Prepare yourself to be awed as ABS-CBN airs the full trailer premiere of Pinoy Fear Factor. Plus, clues on the 6 men and 6 women competing for the grand prize.

Pinoy Fear Factor was shot in Argentina, South America where the 12 challengers tried to surpass several stunts and challenges.

Six men
1. Basketball Hunk
2. The Lover Boy
3. Kargador sa Pier
4. The funny Austrian
5. Chef
6. The Promdi Veterinarian

Six women
1. The Glam Goddess
2. Ms. Body Beautiful
3. The Daredevil Chick
4. Flawless Girl
5. Party Bombshell
6. Hot Mama

Who among these 12 challengers will conquer their greatest fears? Find out soon on ABS-CBN 2.

Video Link: Pinoy Fear Factor – Full Trailer

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