PDA Poll: Do You Agree with the Results?

Their names were changed, and so are their lives. The public has spoken. Laarni Lozada is this season's Grand Star Dreamer. Do you agree?

People are expecting a Laarni, Bugoy and Liezel final three but Miguel managed to salvage the third honor award. Liezel was Star Scholar week after week in the earlier part of the show but in the later part, Laarni and Bugoy were able to shine. Some people think Liezel should be the winner. Some say it should be Bugoy. Apparently, Laarni received the most number of votes.

So what do you think?

Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 Poll

Do you agree with the Results?

Nope, Not at All!
Partially, Yes.
I Don’t Care
Watch the Video here  Current Results

In my opinion, the results of last night’s Grand Dream Night was miles better than Pinoy Idol. For me, any of these three scholars could be suitable winners: Laarni, Bugoy and Liezel. They need the money and they deserve the money because of their talent. ABS-CBN got it right once again.

I was expecting Van, Sen or Miguel are the strongest when it comes to text votes but i was wrong. Laarni and Bugoy in the final two is a good outcome although i don’t think Miguel should be the 3rd Star Dreamer.

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