Breaking Warns Public About Hoax Article

An article about a boy infected with AIDS after eating at a Karate Kid restaurant in Makati proliferated on e-mails last week with screenshot that the news originated from

Apparently, the article came from a sham website with url: masquerading as an article from using similar layout as that of the kapuso website.

Here’s the screencap attached to the bogus e-mail: pointed out that the perpetrators obviously made a screen grab of the nation page that contained the Red Cross kidnapping story, altered the original article and inserted the “Karate Kid AIDS” story and posted it online at

The article was allegedly written by a “Karen Balagtsun” and GMA has no reporter, writer or any employee bearing the said name. strongly refuted that the bogus site does not belong to them or any of their affiliates, including its parent company, GMA Network Inc. and its Internet unit, GMA New Media Inc.

GMANews.TV is continuing its investigation into the matter to find the culprit behind the hoax news that has a sole intention of discrediting the integrity of the restaurant and GMA News and Public Affairs.

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