‘Claudine’ Premieres Tonight on GMA

GMA 7 is proud to unveil the much-awaited television comeback of Claudine Barretto, with the premiere of her weekly drama anthology titled Claudine beginning tonight after Pinoy Records.

As a fitting prelude to her new journey as a kapuso, Claudine will shine at her brightest as she portrays completely different roles each week, allowing her to truly cement her status as this generation’s Queen of Television Drama.

A chameleon who can take on any role and any story, Claudine will move through the full spectrum of drama formats — from biography to fiction, from real-life stories to monumental epics — one episode at a time.

Titled Alzheimer’s, the pilot episode of Claudine directed by Laurice Guillen explores the impassioned affair between two lovers whose relationship is challenged by the debilitating disease.

Claudine stars as the fiancée of Andy played by her real-life partner and longtime kapuso Raymart Santiago whose parents disapprove of his choice of partner. Andy fights for their love and they eventually marry. Soon after, however, Andy contracts a rare, early onset of Alzheimer’s causing him to gradually forget his love for his wife, and which pushes Susan (Claudine) to embark on a losing battle.

For the first time, Claudine stars opposite her husband — an experience which she describes as both exciting and awkward at the same time.

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