Anne Curtis Teams Up with Zanjoe Marudo in ‘The Wedding’

ABS-CBN greenlights the taping of the Anne Curtis and Zanjoe Marudo starrer, The Wedding.

The Wedding, directed by Jeffrey Jeturian (Bridal Shower, Kubrador), is a romantic dramedy series that will run on ABS-CBN’s primetime bida for only 8 weeks. It is set to premiere on the “wedding month” of June.

And an exciting love story will not be complete without the third wheel. Completing the triangle in the story is Derek Ramsay.

The Wedding revolves around Candice de Menes (played by Anne Curtis), a rich girl who will do anything to prevent her parents from separating. When nothing seems to work, she hatches a plan to become engaged to Marlon (played by Zanjoe Marudo), her parents’ common enemy, to try to bring them back together.

What was supposed to be Candice’s scheme develops into a whirlwind romance, and soon after, preparations for a real wedding go underway as Candice and Marlon prove their true love for each other.

But what if Candice’s first and great love Warren (played by Derek Ramsay), the one she wanted for so long, returns to claim her heart back? Will Marlon fall short in defending his love for Candice against the people who question it?

It is a whirlwind journey as Candice, Marlon and Warren find their way in their true selves and learn that love is much more complicated than simply falling for each other, specially when everyone has a stake in your happily-ever-after.

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