Jay-R, GF Survive Train Accident in the US

RP's Prince of R&B, Jay-R and his girlfriend Lisa survived a train accident while on vacation in the US, according to GMA's Showbiz Central. Lisa's sister was hit by the train and died on the spot.

In an interview with Pia Guanio, Jay-R’s mom Ampy Sillona said she was terrified because the older sister of Jay-R’s girlfriend died and Jay-R is having a hard time recovering from the trauma he had experienced.

This was how she related the incident:

“Last Sunday, the 11th [of January], they went hiking in the afternoon after church tapos [then] nag end up sila doon sa [there in the] canyon. Meron [there’s] tunnel doon [there]. It looks abandoned. Before they came in, before they talked to other people, may mga bata na nag [there were kids who went] in-and-out sa [of the] tunnel na yon and then they were able to talk to a lady with a child.”

According to the Sillona, the group asked the woman what they could find inside the tunnel. To which the woman replied: “Nothing, except for bats and graffiti.”

Out of curiosity, the group went inside the tunnel. But as they were walking, Jay-R and his friends heard a train coming.

“And it so happened na ang distance ng train and nung wall like three feet [And it so happened that the distance between the wall and the train was just three feet],” she said.

This caused the group to panic. Myra, the older sister of Jay-R’s girlfriend, was hit and died on the spot.

Ampy Sillona said everybody was devastated by the incident.

“Right now, it’s indefinite,” she said when asked if Jay-R was planning to extend his vacation in the US. “We’re doing our best to move on with our life and he’s trying to be strong for himself for Lisa’s family.”

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