‘Take Me Out’ – GMA’s Newest and Exciting Dating Game

Come April 26, the hottest and hippest dating game in the world can now be enjoyed by Filipinos with its localized version on GMA Network!

TAKE ME OUT invades primetime TV with its playful, highly-amusing vibe and high-caliber production values.

Take Me Out, the country’s first-ever studio-based dating show, is bound to make waves across the archipelago as it sets an arena where singles, who are in search of their perfect match, can find love.

The Platinum Prince of Soul Jay-R hosts the show as he plays matchmaker to a pool of 30 single ladies who hope to meet and date the man of their dreams. He is primed to inject his unique brand of character, charisma and style in hosting the first-of-its-kind reality dating game.

Each of the 30 single ladies, who come from different places with different personalities and backgrounds, are each assigned a specially designed lighted podium with their respective names. The mystery guy must impress the women through first impressions, surprise interviews and videos about himself.

If the ladies like what they see, they leave their lights on; but if they are not amused by his antics, they turn their lights off, declare themselves out of the game and exclude themselves from the chance to date the bachelor. At the end of three rounds, the tables turn and power transfers to the guy as he decides who he wants to go on a date with from the women who leave their lights on.

Televiewers should watch out for the ladies who would be “taken out” and the date of the winning couples which will be recorded and aired in the succeeding episodes.

Take Me Out not only brags an innovative and original format but also showcases a grand, technologically advanced and state-of-the-art set which is at par with its international counterparts.

GMA 7 holds the airing rights of Take Me Out franchise which is owned by Fremantle Media and was first commissioned in Australia. It has successfully run in several countries including Denmark, The Netherlands, Sweden, Spain and the UK.

The format performed phenomenally in Indonesia when it was aired in June 2009 with over 2 million viewers, making it the country’s second highest-rated program of the week. It received an overwhelming response from viewers which translated to high TV ratings.

Take Me Out promises to have lots of twists, laughs and surprises which will surely entertain and spice up the love lives of all singles who are looking for Mr Right. Getting a date is made easier and extra thrilling because the girls are gorgeous and the guys are worthy to be dated.

As the network marks its 60th anniversary, expect only the best from the newest offering TAKE ME OUT beginning April 26 replacing Family Feud, Monday to Friday right before First Time on GMA Network.

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