Karylle Clarifies Her Controversial ‘Smile’ on Boy & Kris

After Marian Rivera admitted that she was offended by Karylle's gesture regarding the question if the former is pregnant, the newest kapamilya explains her side on Boy & Kris.

Here is Karylle’s official statement:

“If there were any misinterpretations of my smile, I clarified it yesterday morning when I guested on Boy & Kris. Tito Boy Abunda even apologized for asking me that question. Tita Kris said kasi that it was politically incorrect for him to ask me. I just explained that no matter what I would answer or however my face would react, it would mean something.

“Parang I was in a no-win situation. If I didn’t smile, people would say I was bitter. I was actually trying to figure out what to answer and how to phrase it properly. And then, si Tito Boy suddenly said ‘Thank you!’ and ended the interview.”

To sum it up, Karylle was caught off-guard in the last and “toughest” question on the Buzz last Sunday. Funny thing is, 9 out of 10 questions were all about kapuso stars Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera. So who gets the people’s sympathy now?

Karylle will also write on her newspaper column and clarify her “smile” on the said incident. Hopefully, she can patch things up with Marian Rivera in the near future.

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