Danielle Castaño

She’s Janina San Miguel’s replacement to represent the Philippines in the Miss World 2008 Pageant and she has a big goal - to win the only crown a Filipina hasn’t won.

Danielle Castaño is 18 years old from Quezon City and plans to take up nursing next year.

She joined Bb. Pilipinas because it’s her childhood dream to become a beauty queen. Initially, her parents were skeptical when she became a model and eventually joined Bb. Pilipinas but after winning, they are now in full support for Danielle. Part of her goals in becoming a beauty queen is to help those who are ill and less fortunate.

Danielle describes herself as bubbly and sports-minded. She was in the track and field varsity team in Hoover High School in the US and she also plays volleyball.

“I’d like to think that I am versatile and have a lot of things to offer. I’m not scared of expressing myself fully because I admit that I do love the attention,” she said.

Her hobbies include boxing, running around the village and going to the gym.

Danielle is currently one of the frontrunners in the ongoing Miss World Pageant in South Africa. Will she be the first Filipina to win the elusive crown after 58 years? You can help secure a semi-finals slot for Danielle by voting for her in the People’s Choice fast-track event. To vote, proceed to

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