All Eyes Are On Akihiro Sato

The Japanese-Brazilian has invaded Philippine ramps. Now that he's one of us, his next move is for television and even the movies!

Today, we hear the usual story of a Pinoy, forced by circumstance, leaves home and settles in a land far from his loved ones to seek for greener pastures and escape poverty. But the story of Akihiro Sato is just the opposite.

Akihiro Macieira Sato, born September 12, 1986, is a Japanese-Brazilian model who started hitting the ramps in Brazil and then in Thailand. But this stunner fell in love with the Philippines that he decided to settle here for good.

Barely a year in the Philippines and already he’s been snagged by Penshoppe for a campaign, ramps assignments here and there, tv guestings and now, the local film industry is also struck with the “Aki Fever.” Aki has just signed on for his first acting assignment, an indie film called “Handumanan.”

Because he is so in demand, Aki is studying the local language in University of the Philippines (UP). There are reports that he only rides a bus and MRT from his condominium unit in Makati to UP Diliman. He’s definitely one of us!

At heart, Aki is a humanist and an idealist who recoils at the sight of street children side by side with the filthy rich. It is something that this rising star could not, and would rather not, get used to.

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