D’Survivors is an Eye Candy Indie Film

The upcoming Adolf Alix indie film features Japanese-Brazilian and local male models stuck on an island.

The internationally-acclaimed filmmaker, known for such movies as Kadin, Tambolista, Manila, Daybreak, Donsol and Adela, is now taking the comedy route in D’Survivors. Alix had the tough job directing male models Akihiro Sato, Daniel Matsunaga, Fabio Ide, Rocky Salumbides, Lemuel Pelayo, Don Mendoza, Jubail Andres, Aaron Tuiza, and Kerbie Zamora in their major acting project.

D’Survivors is a story about male supermodels who survived a plane crash and get trapped in an island. They say it’s a spoof of Joey Gosiengfiao‘s clasic 1980 film called “Temptation Island.”

D’Survivors is set to be shown in selected theaters soon.

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