Jose Sarasola Bitten by Snakes on Pinoy Fear Factor

Pinoy Fear Factor participante Jose Sarasola was bitten by snakes twice in a stunt during the "Tercera Ronda de Eliminacion."

In the second stunt this week, the 6 participantes namely Jose, Marion, Phem, Savannah, Jommy and RJ were introduced to the infamous “Fear Factor Tank.” Manuel, Elmer, LJ and Janna are not doing this stunt because they registered the best time in the first challenge which is the “Slippery Car” where Manuel established a world record for Fear Factor.

The 6 participantes should collect black and gold pucks from the bottom of the tank filled with eels and snakes. Each one is given 5 minutes to collect the most pucks that they can in order to avoid the third stunt this week that could lead to their elimination.

Jommy is the first one to do the stunt and he did very well. He was able to retrieve lots of pucks without having trouble with the water creatures. The next participante, however, wasn’t as lucky as Jommy. Jose, who had a hard time collecting the pucks on the tank’s floor was bitten twice by snakes! He was only able to retrieve a handful of pucks because his time ran out thinking if he will continue the stunt or give up to avoid getting bitten again.

Video Link: Jose Sarasola Bitten by Snakes on Pinoy Fear Factor

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