Marion dela Cruz Sets Fear Factor World Record, Manuel Chua Eliminated

Another Fear Factor world record was established by a Filipino and this time it's not by Manuel Chua.

In the first stunt of the Ùltimo Ronda de Eliminación or the Final Round of Elimination which is the Enterado Vivo (Buried Alive), Marion registered the fourth Fear Factor World Record for the Philippine franchise by performing the stunt in 3 minutes and 53 seconds, beating the previous record of 4 minutes and 9 seconds, set by a contestant of the Turkish version of Fear Factor.

In the Enterado Vivo stunt, the four remaining participantes entered a cavity and stay there for five minutes while the trapdoor from which they entered is being buried in sand. The objective is to dig themselves out of the cavity, emerge from it and run to the Fear Factor logo. The slowest one to emerge from the cavity is eliminated.

Jommy clocked in a time of 4:40 while Janna, who had her head buried in sand and had to be rescued needlessly by the Argentine safety crew, beat Manuel by 40 seconds (Janna’s time was 7:43 while Manuel’s was 8:23), thus putting Manuel, the toughest competitor and holder of a handful fear factor world records, into fourth place, sending him home in the process.

Although Manuel Chua went home without the title, he has the prestige of establishing two Fear Factor World Records under his belt. These are:

1. Auto Resbaladizos (Slippery Car): Sitting in the driver’s seat of a car suspended 20 meters from the ground and being drenched by artificial rain, each Participante must climb out by the side window to the hood of the card to retrieve the license plate, head to the trunk to get the key, get back inside the car, and use the key to turn on the horn, which they will sound to signal the accomplishment of the stunt. Manuel performed this stunt in just 44 seconds breaking the world Slippery Car record of 3 minutes and 7 seconds, held by a contestant from Hungary.

2. Red Bajo en Helicóptero (Net Under the Helicopter): From one side a flying helicopter, the Participantes traverse a net hanging under it in any way they desire, reach the other end, get back inside the helicopter, and press the button to stop the clock. Manuel did this in 26 seconds erasing the previous Fear Factor world record of 36 seconds by a contestant from Colombia.

Manuel bested the other participantes in 10 stunts, which could have been more if not for the exemption from doing other stunts or immunity which he won.

Aside from Manuel and Marion, Jommy also established a Fear Factor world record for the Philippines. In the stunt Reingresar en el Camión (Reparking in the Truck), where the participantes drove a car out of a moving truck, Jommy drove so fast that by the time the car re-entered the truck, it jumped and piled itself over one of the reserve cars inside, injuring eight of the Argentine crew who were in the truck. Despite the accident, Jommy finished the stunt with an amazing time of 29 seconds erasing the previous record of 30 seconds established by a contestant from Colombia.

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