Top Grossing Pinoy Movies for 2008 – October Update

Find out the 10 pinoy movies this year that dominated the local box-office as of October 2008.

The 10 Highest-Grossing Pinoy Films for 2008 so far:

1. A VERY SPECIAL LOVE – P179.23 million
(Star Cinema/Viva Films)

2. CAREGIVER – P139.54 million
(Star Cinema)

3. FOR THE FIRST TIME – P134.7 million
(Star Cinema)

(GMA Films/Regal Films)

5. DOBOL TROBOL GET REDI 2 RAMBOL – P90.51 million
(Octoarts Films)

6. WHEN LOVE BEGINS – P89.38 million
(Star Cinema/Viva Films)

7. MY BIG LOVE – P68 million
(Star Cinema)

8. SUPAHPAPALICIOUS – P66.98 million
(Star Cinema)

9. MAG-INGAT KA SA KULAM – P64.26 million *
(Regal Films)

10. MANAY PO 2: OVERLOAD – P30.4 million
(Regal Films)

* not yet final, still screening in theaters

With the upcoming movies like My Only U, One True Love, Land Down Under and the Metro Manila Film Festival entries, this list could very much change.

Figures courtesy of Box Office Mojo

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