Mag-ingat Ka Sa Kulam Hits P64.2 M in Two Weeks

The Regal Films horror movie "Mag-ingat Ka Sa Kulam" starring Judy Ann Santos and Dennis Trillo earned P64,261,522.00 on its first 2 weeks of screening.

“Kulam” has been the no. 1 movie in the Philippines for 2 consecutive weeks since it opened last October 1 beating Hollywood movies like Eagle Eye, Body of Lies, Tropic Thunder, Mirrors and Bangkok Dangerous. It registered an opening weekend gross of P43,360,883.00, the year’s 6th highest for a local film.

Top 10 Opening Weekend Gross for Pinoy Films in 2008
(as of October 2008)

1. For the First Time (Aug. 25-29) – P78,966,833.66
2. Caregiver (May 28-June 1) – P62,852,844.56
3. A Very Special Love (July 30 to Aug. 3) – P58,440,333.16
4. My Bestfriend’s Girlfriend (Feb. 13-17) – P45,834,201.35
5. Dobol Trobol (Aug. 13-17) – P44,672,115.60
6. Mag-ingat Ka Sa Kulam (October 1-5) – P43,360,883.00
7. When Love Begins (April 30-May 4) – P40,757,517.52
8. My Big Love (Feb. 27-March 2) – P30,763,209.40
9. My Monster Mom (July 2-6) – P16,157,096.73
10. Manay Po 2: Overload (April 16-20) – P14,346,933.50

GMA Films’ I.T.A.L.Y. marked its 4th week of screening with a total gross of P22,173,261.00. On the other hand, Star Cinema’s “For the First Time” starring KC Concepcion and Richard Gutierrez ended its run with a final gross of P134,695,005.00, the 3rd biggest local movie of the year after A Very Special Love and Caregiver. “For the First Time” is currently the 5th top-grossing movie in Philippine Box-office for 2008 if we are to include Hollywood films in contention.

As of October 20, 2008:

Top 5 movies in Philippine Box-office for 2008:

1. A Very Special Love (Star Cinema/Viva Films) – P180.00 million
2. Iron Man (Paramount) – P174.18 million
3. The Dark Knight (Warner Brothers) – P159.14 million
4. Caregiver (Star Cinema) – P139.54 million
5. For The First Time (Star Cinema) – P134.70 million

Here are the Top 5 Local movies for 2008 so far:

1. A Very Special Love (Star Cinema/Viva Films) – P180.00 million
2. Caregiver (Star Cinema) – P139.54 million
3. For The First Time (Star Cinema) – P134.70 million
4. My Bestfriend’s Girlfriend (GMA Films/Regal Films) – P101.26 million
5. Dobol Trobol Get Redi 2 Rambol – P90.51 million
(Octoarts Films)

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