Penelope Eliminated on Pinoy Idol

Pinoy Idol suffered another blow as another better contestant, Penelope, was booted off the show.

To add insult to the injury, another “better” contestant, Kid Camaya, joined her in the bottom three.

It looks like the local version of Vote for the Worst is getting more successful than its US counterpart. The said website is campaigning for “worst contestants” Warren Antig and Gretchen Espina to win the show.

Warren is like a one-hit wonder on Pinoy Idol, getting praise on the first episode of the show. Week after week, his performances are getting lackluster, and he did not receive a positive comment from the judges since then. That’s why he is an easy choice of Pinoy Vote for the Worst website.

From the website of Vote for the Worst:

Iboto ang Lagpak is the Pinoy version of the Idol Basher Website Vote for the Worst. In this website, you will see how we can help make Pinoy Idol be the worst reality TV show in the Philippines! Our aim is to destabilize the franchise since it doesn’t give the real franchise any justice. They stole the rights from ABC 5 and they murdered the show. Bottomline: A crappy show needs a crappy winner. And we’ll serve it to GMA 7 sizzling hot.

Next week, the Top 6 will be mentored by Basil Valdez. And there are reports that GMA is cooking a “twist” in the deteriorating talent show. Hope this twist is about a “wildcard” that could bring Robby Navarro back in the show. I could not think of another way of saving the show than that.

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