3 Pinoys Make It To Australia’s ‘So You Think You Can Dance’

sytyca_auslogo.jpg3 Filipino-Australians made it to the Down Under's edition of So You Think You Can Dance. The hit reality show is like American Idol for dancers and Australia bought the franchise from Fremantle Media for its local version. From thousands who auditioned, 10 girls and 10 guys made it to the final cut including 2 pinays and one pinoy!

The 3 Filipinos who made it to the Top 20 are:

Rhiannon Villareal:

Joel De Carteret:

Demi Sorono:

So You Think You Can Dance Australia is already half-way of its first season as half of the Top 20 were eliminated in previous episodes. Our very own Joel de Carteret has just been eliminated last week, however, Demi and Rhiannon made it to the Top 10 and still in the running to win the title of Australia’s most favorite dancer.

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