American Idol Results – 10 Minus One

It's American Idol results show once again and today, the top 10 will become 9. So who's going home tonight? In our power ranking yesterday, we find David Archuleta, Ramiele Malubay and Kristy Lee Cook at the bottom of our list. It's based on how they performed, according to my own opinion with a little influence from the judges. If i'm biased, you will not see Ramiele in my bottom 3 list, ok? I know Kristy Lee Cook did better last night compared to her performances in the past but i find her song choice "indulgent" rather than "clever." Personally, i think the bottom 3 would be the "less popular" ones or those who have been in the bottom 3 before like Chikezie, Syesha and of course, Kristy Lee Cook. Don't expect David Archuleta to hit the bottom 3 because the title is already reserved for him. The process of elimination week after week is just for technical reasons.

Now for the results.

By the way, Kimberly Locke visits to perform a single from her new album. Kimberly, for the clueless, is the 3rd placer on American Idol season 2. Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard made it to the Kodak theater that year.

Without further ado, the bottom 3 tonight are:

Syesha Mercado
Jason Castro

Yes folks, Kristy Lee Cook is safe.

Ramiele Malubay is safe.

Jason Castro is safe.

Chikezie goes home.

Syesha is safe.

Next week is Country Week. The Top 9 will have Dolly Parton as their mentor. I hope Ramiele will consider “How Do I Live” or “I Need You” by LeAnn Rimes as her song choice. Picking another Carrie Underwood song would be “too big” for her.

Go Ramiele!!!

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