Are you ready for Playboy Magazine Philippine Edition?

Just when its circulation started to decline internationally and being beaten up by the competition, Playboy magazine will now have its Philippine Edition next month.

Playboy became popular in the 80’s most specially that our very own Tetchie Agbayani posed nude in the German edition. But with the release of new generation of men’s magazines like FHM and Maxim, Playboy’s circulation declined significantly.

In the US alone, its now running 3 million copies from 7 million before the competition started to enter the view. In Australia, the last copy of Playboy was released in 2000.

Marketing specialists say the reason why playboy’s circulation is declining is that it’s being perceived as an old man’s magazine. It’s maiden issue was released in 1953, with the late Marilyn Monroe on the centerfold. Young people know its their dad’s reading material back then that’s why they go with the new ones like FHM and Maxim.

In the Philippines alone, FHM got 67 percent share of the market for men’s magazines in Metro Manila. The other men’s mags like Men’s Health, Maxim, Uno and the others are sharing with the remaining percentage.

However, the franchise owner of Playboy Philippines announced that the local version will be different from the original because in the first place, it will not feature semi-nude girls. It will be different from its fierced competitor FHM and Maxim as it will concentrate more in the “articles” rather than the lack of “articles of clothing.”

So who’s going to be in the cover for its very first issue? Chairman LaGuardia perhaps?

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