Kim Atienza: RP’s ‘Steve Irwin’ on Matanglawin

Get ready to be amazed once again as ABS-CBN gears up to premiere an educational series that will make Kim Atienza (Kuya Kim) the Steve Irwin of the Philippines.

matanglawinmar24.jpgSteve Irwin is the Australian host of Discovery Channel’s “Crocodile Hunter” known for his bravery in holding wild animals like crocodiles and snakes up close. He was killed by a stingray during filming an episode last September of 2006.

Kim Atienza will do the Steve Irwin role in Matanglawin (FalconEye), an upcoming ABS-CBN TV program about animals of all sorts and sizes, from the great white shark, to the poisonous arrow head frog, to the wooly mammoth and even down to the pesky cockroach. Its a program that is a guaranteed to catch your attention.

We all know Kim Atienza as being the son of former Manila Mayor Lito Atienza. Nowadays, people know him in the media as “Kuya Kim”. the guy who gives us the weather report and his seemingly endless knowledge trivia on animals and the world in general. And that is why when the program ‘Matanglawin’ was conceptualized, his name is without a doubt, synonimous with the program.

After all, Matanglawin’s host, Kim Atienza, is a well loved and distinguished animal lover, advocate and conservationist. The program is a perfect combination and is a guaranteed must see for everyone.

Matanglawin is set to premiere on March 24, 2008, on ABS-CBN.

Watch the trailer of Matanglawin.

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