Amanda Overmyer Eliminated on American Idol

It looks like contestants with a controversial story about them circulating on the internet are getting eliminated one by one. First was Danny Noriega who made fun of Christmas in Youtube didn't make it to the Top 12. Next was David Hernandez. He became controversial when a story about him being a stripper in a gay bar proliferated on blogs, and last week David was eliminated.

29930.jpgNow it’s Amanda Overmyer‘s turn to get eliminated. The rocker nurse has a DUI record controversy that started to surface when she made it to the Top 24. Carly Smithson and Kristy Lee Cook joined her in the bottom three. But after a while, Ryan Seacrest declared that Amanda is leaving the competition.

So who’s next? Kristy Lee Cook who, according to some blogs, has a sex video in a pay porn site? Or our very own Ramiele Malubay who has a naughty “groping” photo from facebook?

So who says there’s no such thing as bad publicity? On American Idol, it might be a different story.

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