Ramiele Malubay is No. 1 in TV Guide’s American Idol Top 20 Power Ranking

americanidol-ranking10.jpg"Ramiele Malubay is small in stature but big on talent" - this is what TV Guide has to say to the Fil-am petite who they ranked no. 1 among the remaining 10 girls of American Idol. On the other hand, Aussie hunk Michael Johns is currently their no. 1 among the guys. Here is the complete ranking of the Top 20 girls and guys after their performances last week (Entertainment Weekly's Power Ranking follows):

Top 10 Girls:

1. Ramiele Malubay
2. Kristy Lee Cook
3. Syesha Mercado
4. Asia’h Epperson
5. Brooke White
6. Carly Smithson
7. Amanda Overmyer
8. Kady Malloy
9. Alaina Whitaker
10. Alexandrea Lushington

Top 10 Guys:

1. Michael Johns
2. Jason Castro
3. Robbie Carrico
4. David Archuleta
5. Danny Noriega
6. David Cook
7. Chikezie Eze
8. David Hernandez
9. Luke Menard
10. Jason Yeager

TV Guide’s power ranking is based on an online poll. EW‘s power ranking (see below), on the other hand, is based on the assessment of their American Idol critic, Michael Slezak. EW’s ranking is an overall thing unlike in TV Guide where they separate the male from female contestants.

Entertainment Weekly’s Top 20 Power Ranking:

1. David Archuleta
2. Jason Castro
3. Asia’h Epperson
4. Amanda Overmyer
5. Michael Johns
6. Ramiele Malubay
7. Carly Smithson
8. Robbie Carrico
9. Alexandrea Lushington
10. Alaina Whitaker
11. Syesha Mercado
12. David Hernandez
13. Danny Noriega
14. Brooke White
15. David Cook
16. Kadly Malloy
17. Luke Menard
18. Chikezie
19. Kristy Lee Cook
20. Jason Yeager

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