Weekly Top 10 – Local Idol Now Rules!

This Last #of Song Title
Wk Wk Wks (Artist)
1 2 3 Ngiti (Ronnie Liang)
2 2 4 Home (Chris Daughtry)
3 9 2 Never Again (Kelly Clarkson)
4 2 4 Sharing the Night Together (Elliott Yamin)
5 7 3 Stand (Rascal Flatts)
6 6 2 Over You (Chris Daughtry)
7 new Ordinary Love (Paris Bennett)
8 new With Love (Hilary Duff)
9 5 7 Over It (Katharine McPhee)
10 4 2 Beautiful Liar (Beyonce Knowles and Shakira)

Local idol Ronnie Liang is now our new leader this week beating 5 American Idols in the top 10. His single “Ngiti” is now on its second week.

All hail Princess Paris (Bennett not Hilton) as she enters our weekly chart with her song Ordinary Love. Paris Bennett is following Britney Spears and Paris Hilton’s footsteps as the celebrity people want to send to the moon for her harsh remarks against Sanjaya Malakar and for bashing American Idol. Anyway, we’ll see if she will stay in our chart next week.

Hilary Duff’s With Love is our second new entry this week. 

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