Hollywood Remake of ‘Sigaw’ to be Directed by Yam Laranas

Vertigo Entertainment, the producer of Hollywood remake of Japanese horror classics The Ring 1&2, The Grudge 1&2 and the Oscar frontrunner The Departed will produce the Hollywood version of Richard-Angel film Sigaw. Vertigo has acquired the rights from Regal films, the local distributor of Sigaw which have an international title The Echo. The original director Yam Laranas will also direct the Hollywood version of the movie and filming will start on March 2007.

The story of Sigaw revolves around a young ex-con who moves into an old apartment building, only to learn his neighbor is an abusive police officer who savagely beats his wife and daughter. When the ex-con tries to intervene, he becomes trapped in a curse.

Sigaw was shown in 2004 Metro Manila filmfest starring Angel Locsin, Richard Gutierrez and Iza Calzado. Yam Laranaz is doing his best to include Iza Calzado in the Hollywood cast for the same role.

Sigaw has won an award in the international film festival for horror movies otherwise known as Screamfest last year, this caught the attention of Vertigo execs to acquire the rights from its creator Yam Laranas. Yam also received good reviews for writing and directing the film, says “Laranas is a genius when it comes to manipulating light, texture and tone—and this should be his well-deserved introduction to the English-speaking world…” (Who knows, Yam could be the ‘Ang Lee’ of the Philippines.)

This could be a good start for local horror movies to be remade in Hollywood. Kris Aquino’s Feng Shui could be next. Another horror favorite is Star Cinema’s Sukob. It has all the elements to appeal internationally except for some parts similar to The Ring like the distorted photograph and the Sadaku girl. Pasiyam starring Roderick Paulate is also a good one.

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