Aubrey and Jaq Eliminated from the Amazing Race

Bad News. Aubrey and Jaq are the second Filipino team to be eliminated in the Amazing Race Asia. For the record: 10 teams from 8 Asian countries, on its 3rd episode, the 2nd and last remaining Filipino team was eliminated. Not to mention the first two teams eliminated are the Filipino teams. That means no more Filipino team in the race. Ok enough with the Math! I'm not sure if i'm still going to watch the remaining episodes.


The third leg of the race was held in Bali, Indonesia. The first obstacle is to find a miniature surf board under the sand which took the contestants more than 2 hours of digging. Some of them gave up and faced the 4 hours penalty for not completing the challenge. This is a major setback and decision error for Aubrey and Jaq who has given up after hours of spending time digging while the rest of the teams continue with the obstacle.

The first team who found the miniature surf board are the male models from India but the first team to reach the 3rd pit stop were the gay friends from Sri Lanka Howard and Sahran which earned them a Sony videocamera each.  

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