The Philippine “Halo-Halo” was Awarded by Time Magazine as the “Best Legal High” in their Best of Asia Awards

While introducing the only award for the Philippines in their BEST OF ASIA AWARDS, Time magazine managed to hit the country with sarcastic remarks about its “gridlocked traffic”, “appalling shantytowns” and “intermittent threat of a coup de’etat” and labeling Manila as “not the easiest city to be in.” Writer Liam Fitzpatrick delievered the blows before handling the flattery award for the Filipino Halo-halo as the Best Legal High.

For Mr. Fitzpatrick I BEG YOUR PARDON. We don’t like to accept the stupid award if it will only give you the satisfaction of lambasting our nation without even checking if your words are accurate. For your information, we don’t have the worst traffic jam in Asia–it’s in Bangkok hence the term “Bangkok Jam”. There will be no more coup, at least for the meantime, because we will not allow it to happen. And Manila is not the easiest city to be in? Come on, at least we can all proudly say that we’re FREE and we can do the things that we would lke to do here UNLIKE in other Asian cities where there are so many restrictions. Manila is one of the EASIEST city to be in because first and foremost we have FREEDOM! You are totally wrong with this one. I will not exchange Manila with your best Asian cities crap! 

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