Assessment Centres: Why Are Recruiters Using this Tool in Their Business?

Recruitment is not an easy task to do at the present time.  Employers have to be really spectacle about what they use and how they conduct the recruitment drive. The pressure on the human resource team is immense. They have to pick the best candidates for the job roles because they are accountable to their bosses.  Interviews and resume evaluation has always been the backbone of recruitment program. But in the present time it is not enough to examine the potential, capability and calibre of the candidates.

Assessment centres

There are myriad of tools, tests and other instruments used in the recruitment drives these days. But these assessment centres for job recruitment are on rise. These have made it easier for the recruiters to get the best candidates for the job roles or designations. For senior roles and professional large-intake programmes assessment centres are a famous recruitment tool. Assessment centres have different formats as [per the role in question and the nature of the company, but these will generally bring together a set of pre-interviewed and pre-screened candidates. these candidates would be ready to carve them down to the final stage of the selection procedure.  But again you must be thinking why these recruitment programs are so popular with recruiter’s right?

There is accuracy

An assessment centre caters the core benefit of accuracy. It is specifically when compared to the methods or techniques used in standard recruitment processes. With a basic interview there is a proper danger of applying different measures to candidate assessment -, the charming effect, interviewer bias the replica effect, and the opposing subjective opinions of different interviewers for different days. But you know what; an assessment centre permits a far greater degree of objectivity to be used to the process. All the thanks go to a broad and severe array of assessment opportunities and exercises.

Explore and experience the skills live

At an assessment or development centre recruiters can see how a candidate performs in a specific, real life situation. These situations can be like a simulated business exercise, rather than just relying on their own self-assessment during interview. These also make it easier to measure and compare candidates who could seem to be of equal quality on paper or in documents, but fare extremely differently in a ‘real world’ condition.

Moreover these centres also permit the employers to simulate diverse scenarios characteristic to the role and see how the candidates fare. For example, the group or team might be required to work together on a specific task or posed business problem to see which roles they take inside a team, how these individuals interact, communicate, influence,  negotiate, problem solve and work efficiently and effectively with others.

There are generally tests involved as well to measure the numeracy and literacy as well as that of technical skills for a role. An IT role might concentrate on particular technical skills, but it might also encompass a creativity drill or exercise to throw participants a bit of a tricky challenge and see how they perform under the pressure.

Branding of the employer

Assessment centres even have the advantage of promoting the employer brand. the candidates who turn up to an assessment centre and get to know that it truly reflects both the role and the business are typically impressed by the recruiting company and uphold that positive impression, even if they don’t get successful in getting the job. This gives the employer a real chance to form a positive impression in all the high quality applicants that attend, and potentially formed up an engaged group of potential future hires.

Moreover, if your business has used assessment centres to filter out the best candidates for the jobs in your business; you would leave a good impression on everyone who attended the procedure. They would think that you take your recruitment procedure seriously. Such a thing is impressive and effective both for your organization.  The candidates who attended your recruitment procedure would draw a good viewpoint about you. They would spread the same word in the industry and hence benefit on your way.

Cost benefits

Despite the apparent higher cost of an assessment centre, such as accommodation hire, equipment, food and staff assessor time, this approach is most of the times more cost effective if you compare it to a dissimilar and drawn out recruitment procedure. Moreover more importantly, the high business price of poor recruitment decisions and errors!

You can expect fairness

It is undoubtedly true that an assessment centre is significant because it is fair. It complements the employer’s equality and also that of diversity agenda and aids to ensure that the right candidate is selected on the grounds of pure merit.  With an assessment centre, examination evidence and evaluation is thorough, regularized against a broad curve of candidates, and recorded. It is more robust than with that of a single interview wherein the notes might be more subjective.  It is needless to say that the assessment centres are playing a crucial role in recruitment. Since the business professionals and recruiters witness the activities and tasks of the candidates, there remains no doubt in their mind about the calibre and affectivity of the candidates. Hence, since you are not blindly following what is written in the CV of a candidates and actually examining them through their actions; you would not be disappointed.

Mutual experience

Moreover you know what this assessment centre experience is transparent, thorough and it also gives the candidates a real insight into the values and culture of the company of the employer. This is important, as it is mostly hard to give a sense of the brand or business in interview alone. During the more lengthy process of the assessment centre, candidates can meet the main or key managers and other staff from the business and have a chance to speak with them informally and get a sense of what it feels like to work for the employer.


So, there is a lot more than you can get through a single assessment centre. Introduce it in your recruitment program and gain the best out of it.


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