Your Core Concert Memories are for Keeps with the Perfect Companion: The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Music and concert lovers are at an all time high with many artists lined up to perform in the Philippines this 2024. Are you looking for a way to maximize this once in a lifetime experience? Whether it is capturing high quality videos, taking selfies with your friends, sharing and saving your live reactions and more, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is the ultimate companion to bring with you to your next concert.

Hear it from #TeamGalaxy influencers themselves, as they share their most memorable moments during the ENHYPEN World Tour ‘FATE’ in New Clark City, and how the Galaxy S24 Ultra served as their companion in transforming fleeting moments into keepsakes for them to keep coming back to.

Superior zoom capabilities and full highdefinition fan cameras even at night!One of the crucial contributors to the concert experience is where you are seated – but with the Galaxy S24 Ultra, you’ll be able to capture photos and videos with amazing clarity even if you’re not in VIP seating through its amazing zoom capabilities. The Galaxy S24 Ultra boasts its digital zoom enhanced with AI technology that can seamlessly take you 100x closer to the stage, plus the device’s powerful Quad Tele Zoom is better than before with a wider scope and the enhanced capabilities to stabilize shots even while zoomed in.

Tracy Ayson exclaimed, “the insane quality of the photos and the zoom would make any seat a good one!" while Angelo De Vera shared that the Galaxy S24 Ultra has “a really superior zoom and plenty of features useful for shooting content in concerts including the help of AI and great stabilization. Plus, I also get to record in Pro mode and Raw which allows me to increase the quality of what I am shooting!”

Along with its zoom capabilities, the Galaxy S24 Ultra also allows you to take the perfect photos intuitively even at night with its Nightography features. And if you just need to remove unwanted elements in your photo, the Object Eraser feature is there to help you delete anything ruining the moment you captured

Gabbie Mariano agreed, “Epic Zoom and Nightography were really game changers for me! I also used Galaxy AI on my images afterwards. Whether it was a speaker or someone’s hand blocking, the generated edits turned it into the perfect image”.

“I used the AI feature to remove things that obstructed my view and it instantly made my concert pics look good!” Patricia Prieto also shared.

High definition hearing and AI translations for international fans

For K-pop fandoms, another contributing factor to ultimate concert experience is the artist’s translator. Music knows no boundaries, but language can prove to be a challenge as K-pop idols often interact with their fans in their native language. With the Galaxy S24 Ultra at your side, you don’t really need anything else. The live translation capabilities of the Galaxy S24 Ultra range from Chat Assist, Call Assist and even Live Interpreter. The application is pre- installed and supports the translation and communication between 13 languages.

Arshie Larga expressed his excitement about the Live Translate feature on the device, “the real-time translations make it easier for us fans to listen to what the k-pop idols are saying without relying on the on-ground translator!”.

Aesthetic design fit for any concert OOTD“I was immediately struck by their stunning design and beautiful color range. What impressed me the most were the plethora of features packed into these devices, all while maintaining a surprisingly lightweight build”.

These stunning devices are not only sleek and lightweight, but due to its titanium build, it’s durable on a different level. On top of that, they also come in stylish colors like Titanium Black, Titanium Gray, Titanium Violet, Titanium Green, and more!

Capture special moments between you and the artists with the dual camera and all-day battery

One of the most fan-friendly features of the Galaxy S24 Ultra is its dual camera function. This allows you to capture your favorite artists and yourself at the same time! Activate these two cameras and catch the perfect moments between you and your favorites.

“I used the dual cam feature because I noticed I don’t get to capture my reactions whenever I watch k-pop concerts, I document the idols well but forget about taking videos of me. But because of the dual camera, I can capture every special moment,” Tracy Ayson shared.

Reminiscing on the concert, Alyssa Aquino stated, “The finale of the concert holds a special place in my heart. As ENHYPEN moved around the stadium, surrounded by breathtaking fireworks and accompanied by uplifting music, it was a truly magical and unforgettable experience. The ENHYPEN concert was a rollercoaster of emotions and unforgettable moments. It’s an experience I’ll cherish forever.”

Get yourself ready for the next concert and prepare to enjoy it to the fullest with the perfect concert companion, just like how our #TeamGalaxy Influencers did – keep your best concert memories with high quality captures from the Galaxy S24 Ultra! Find out more about this powerful device at

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