Elijah Debuts with LSS-Worthy Track ‘Kilala Kita’

“I’ve always been a huge music junkie. Writing and making music has been another outlet of expression for me,” shares elijah. Yes, the consummate artist and award-winning actor known for his standout roles in Kalel 15, Gameboys, About Us But Not About Us, and recently, Senior High. “But much like how I studied acting for a long time. I have so much more to learn when it comes to music. And I’m more than open to all of it.”

And in his continued exploration of his artistry, elijah fully commits to the music industry where he intends to make his point-of-view and voice heard even more. Cornerstone Entertainment’s very own elijah dropped his debut single, kilala kita on the midnight of November 23. First heard on the teen drama series Senior High, kilala kita is a track about a boy reintroducing himself to a girl who only thinks of herself.

Infused with elements of hip-hop and laid-back bars, kilala kita feels like a track you’d want to vibe with on a chill night-out or a lazy afternoon. kilala kita is the beginning of elijah’s musical journey, and he will definitely be releasing more masterpieces soon.

kilala kita is written by elijah, produced by Cavill, and released by Island Records Philippines and Cornerstone Entertainment.

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