Falling Head Over Heels for Someone? Listen to Kyle Juliano’s Latest Single ‘Her’

As late 2023 unfolds, Kyle Juliano once again shows off his flattering and lovable singing prowess with his latest original single, “Her.”

It follows his wonderful rendition of “Everything You” popularized by Christian Bautista which was released last year and was part of the latter’s 20th anniversary tribute album.

With this new song, Kyle remarkably takes listeners through a fleeting emotion that someone feels when he/she is in love.

“‘Cause I think I’m in love / And it’s her I keep dreamin’ of,” Kyle sings.

Kyle Juliano, known for his soulful vocal style, offered such a genuine and profound exploration of the power of love and connection in this latest single. Don’t forget to include “Her” on your favorite love-themed playlists after listening to it!


Her by Kyle Juliano

Verse 1:

It must be her hair that flows like just like a stream

Or her eyes that seem to shimmer like they’re from a dream

Or the way she talks that makes my knees grow weak

 It must be her voice that’s like a song to my ears

Or the way she smiles like she hasn’t seen me in years

There’s something in her that makes me fall slowly

 Refrain 1:

‘Cause I think I’m in love

And it’s her I keep dreamin’ of

 Verse 2:

It’s funny how my life hasn’t ever been the same

Since the day that we met and she called out my name

Everywhere I go, it’s her face I see

 And it’s funny how I’m daydreaming once in a while

That one day I’ll see her walking to me down the aisle

But for now, I pray that she hears this song I sing

 Refrain 2:

‘Cause I think I’m in love

And it’s her I keep dreamin’ of

Just when I thought I was too hurt to love again

She came to my life and I knew there and then

She must be Godsent from above

She must be…


(repeat refrain 2)


I’m in love

And it’s her I keep dreaming of

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