Christian Bautista’s Greatest Hits Reimagined by PH’s Top Artists in New 20th Anniversary Tribute Album!

Christian Bautista’s Greatest Hits Reimagined By Stellar Lineup of Artists in New 20th Anniversary Tribute Album!

Celebrating two decades of exceptional music, Universal Records released a remarkable tribute album entitled The Way You Look At Me: The Songs Of Christian Bautista to honor the one and only Asia’s Romantic Balladeer himself.

The album came to full bloom this 2023 which comprises of amazing renditions from OPM artists such as Ben&Ben, Julie Anne San Jose & Rayver Cruz, I Belong To The Zoo, Morissette, KZ Tandingan, Sam Concepcion, Zephanie, and Kyle Juliano. 

The first drop was IBTTZ’s “Hands To Heaven” back in a October 2022 followed by Mori’s “Colour Everywhere”

A first-ever mini-series was also produced by UR to further hype up Christian 20th anniversary. Julie Anne and Rayver starred in the two-episode “Pag-ibig Na Kaya: The Mini-series”, in promotion of their own version of the hit song. And of course, Ben&Ben’s “The Way You Look At Me” became a much-talked about topic online especially when its official music video was released, which starred the immensely popular BarDa love team.

Overwhelmed by this amazing project, Christian Baustista says “Thankful and grateful for these wonderful artists and friends who did amazing renditions of songs that I have released through the years. Thank you for your generosity and artistry 🙏 Thank you also to @universalrecordsph for this magnanimous project ❤️ It is truly one of a kind ✨️ Cheers to more music 🎶

He further thanked UR for making this “monumental” tribute album possible. “Thank you Universal Records Philippines for this monumental album. It is truly something very special to me. Thank you for the love. I wish you more and more blessings as the company continues to grow and expand its talents and horizons,” he adds.

This tribute album not only pays homage to Christian Bautista’s impressive career but also showcases the vibrancy and diversity of Filipino music. It serves as a testament to the incredible talent and creativity within the Philippine music industry. You can now stream The Way You Look At Me: The Songs Of Christian Bautista in its entirety on your favorite digital streaming platforms.

 Stream “The Way You Look At Me: The Songs Of Christian Bautista”:

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Track list

  1. The Way You Look At Me – Ben&Ben
  2. Hands To Heaven – I Belong To The Zoo
  3. Pag-ibig Na Kaya – Julie Anne San Jose and Rayver Cruz
  4. Colour Everywhere – Morissette
  5. Kapit – Sam Concepcion
  6. Kailan Pa Ma’y Ikaw – KZ
  7. Everything You Do – Kyle Julian
  8. Since I Found You – Zephanie



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