3 Valuable Lessons on Courtship and Commitment from ‘Love Letters: Kwento Mo Kay Dan’

From the creators of the hit online show “Dear MOR,” the new online drama-advice program “Love Letters: Kwento Mo Kay Dan” brings relatable stories of love and real-life lessons on YouTube via MOR Entertainment and ABS-CBN Star Music channels.Kapamilya digital content producer and voice actor Dan Capucion tackles engaging accounts of letter senders and also gives his two cents as the cool ‘tito’ everyone wants to approach for love advice. Here are the love lessons Dan highlighted in the first three episodes of the show:

1. Accepting one’s fate in the episode “Almost the One

“Love Letters’” pilot offering “Almost the One” featured the love story of Anton, who looked back to the time he met the perfect girl who showered him with unconditional love but he eventually realized that he was the wrong guy for her.

2. Respecting one’s limits in the episode “The Problem with LDR

The online show’s second episode titled “The Problem with LDR” centers on the story sent by Mac, who fell in love at first sight with a girl and developed a long-distance relationship with her. Pink flags and surprises appeared but Mac still pursued his love, only to be met with the greatest challenge in their affair.

3. Finding the courage to shoot one’s shot in the episode “Kwentong Torpe

In the third episode of “Love Letters” called “Kwentong Torpe,” Dan shared the love problem experienced by John, who admitted to being in love with a girl for years since college before he finally found the courage to fess up his feelings.


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