A Recipe for Romance: Netflix Unveils Stunning Key Art for ‘Replacing Chef Chico’

Are you ready to stir up some romance in the kitchen? Netflix has just served up the intriguing main key art of its forthcoming Filipino series, Replacing Chef Chico.

Replacing Chef Chico marks a significant milestone as Netflix’s first Filipino-produced series. It stands as a testament to a new era of exciting local content on the streaming giant, underlining the growing influence of Filipino storytelling on a much bigger scale.

The newly released key art provides an enticing peek into the heart of the series. At the forefront is Chef Ella, reaching into a pot with a ladle in hand, while the two men—Chef Chico and Raymond—gaze at her intently, hinting at the love triangle that’s set to captivate viewers throughout the series.

The stellar cast of Replacing Chef Chico includes Sam Milby (A Family Affair) as Chef Chico, Alessandra de Rossi (What If) as Chef Ella, and Piolo Pascual (My Amanda) as consultant Raymond. Each character brings their unique perspective to the table and is driven by different motivations as they try to breathe new life into Hain, the restaurant.

The series promises a feast for the senses and a journey that you won’t want to miss.

‘Replacing Chef Chico’ will premiere globally on Netflix on November 24, 2023.

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