Watch Exo’s DOH Kyung-soo Play an Astronaut Stranded in Space in ‘The Moon’

Being a fan of space movies, Doh Kyung-soo had a dream of “someday being able to work on a film set in space,” shares the actor, who stars in the upcoming film The Moon.

Doh, who debuted as a member of the K-pop group EXO, is also known for his acting work, such as in the films My Annoying Brother and Along with the Gods, and the popular TV series 100 Days My Prince.

In The Moon, a gripping, epic action adventure and one of the most highly anticipated films in Korea this year, Doh expands his acting spectrum by playing a lone Korean astronaut stranded on the moon. His character, Sun-woo, is a former SEAL member and molecular physics major who joins the Narae-ho space program in Korea. He boards the spacecraft in pursuit of his father’s unrealized dream but unexpectedly becomes the sole survivor of the expedition due to an unforeseen accident.

 The young actor shares that he joined The Moon because he found “the script to be excellent and wanted to challenge myself in expressing weightlessness with my body.” He adds that he hopes to vividly convey the various emotions that Sun-woo experiences, from the awe of setting foot on the moon for the first time to the fear of being left alone in the vastness of space and the unwavering determination to survive.

It looks like Doh has nothing to worry about, because he’s already impressed his director. Director Kim Yong Hwa, reuniting with Doh after their successful collaboration in the Along with the Gods movie series, states, “Doh Kyung-soo possesses a gentle persona while also having a very intense face. I thought that through the character of Hwang Sun-woo, we could showcase his hidden passion and determination, providing a fresh impression.”

In The Moon, Korea’s first manned mission to the moon ends in a tragic disaster when an explosion occurs on board. Seven years later, a second human spaceflight is launched successfully but a strong solar wind causes it to malfunction. One astronaut Sun-woo (Doh) is left stranded in space. Facing another fatal catastrophe, the Naro Space Center turns to its former managing director Dr. Kim (award-winning actor Sul Kyung-gu, known for Silmido, Peppermint Candy, Public Enemy and most recently, Kill Boksoon) to help bring Sun-woo back home safely. The film also stars Kim Hee-ae, most recently known for The World of the Married and Queenmaker.

Opening in Philippine cinemas August 16, The Moon is distributed by Columbia Pictures, local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International. Connect with the hashtag #TheMoonMoviePH

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