Cool Cat Ash Drops Nostalgic Single ‘Let You Go’

Star Music artist Cool Cat Ash looks back on the happy moments of a relationship that has ended and acknowledges the need to move forward in her new single “Let You Go.”

“‘Let You Go’ is a song I wrote that revolves around the concept of right person, wrong time. It talks about the dilemma of deciding whether you should hold onto your hopes of ending up with the one that got away or just let go of them and move on,” she said.

Cool Cat Ash is also set to release her upcoming pop album this year which she wrote and produced.

“My upcoming album is a compilation of songs I fully wrote and produced about the crazy journey of understanding and seeking love platonically and romantically. My previous singles were leaning towards the genres of novelty and rock. This time, I delved into the world of pop music,” she shared.

With her musical gift, Cool Cat Ash started pursuing music at a young age. She released her first album at the age of five but had to put her career on pause to focus on her studies. Now, she is taking a degree in music production at Berklee College of Music Boston while also working as a songwriter, producer, sound engineer, and film scorer. 

As a recording artist, she has released several singles such as “Changes,” “Best Friends,” and “Gone Too Soon.” She dabbles into pop, rock, and orchestral music and looks up to the music icon Freddie Mercury of Queen.

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