Sandiwa’s ‘Dahan-Dahan’ is All About Rekindling a Love that’s Slowly Fading

Relationships always go through cycles of highs and lows, but sometimes as your relationship progresses the lows just never rise back up again to the point that you need to slow down as the current situation & promises you’ve made before are not aligned anymore. 

This 2023, pop-rock band Sandiwa found a new home in Universal Records Philippines and as a grand opening salvo, they unveiled a song called “Dahan-Dahan”. The band, composed of Yeoj Rivera, Samuel Mopal, Harold Tabuno, Jeremiah Torda, and John Rale Soriso is so excited for everyone to hear this super fresh release which got playlisted under “Fresh Finds Philippines” on Spotify.

“Dahan-Dahan” is a contemporary and mainstream soundtrack piece about trying to rekindle a relationship that gradually fading, trying to save before it’s too late; you can hear the pleading tones of the lyrics where they just want to take things slow and find their way back to the way it used to be. (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO HERE)

The band constructed the track around April–May of 2023 inspired on a real-life experience that Yeoj unfortunately went through during that time. He’s also the one who put melody in it with the help of Sam on chord progression.

In support of this release, the band shared an “Acoustic Pop” version on their official YouTube channel. (WATCH IT HERE)

Stream “Dahan-Dahan”:

Spotify | Lyric Video Audio Clip

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