‘Love Bites’ BL Episode is Most Viewed in the Series

“Love Bites” is a Kapamilya drama anthology specially made for YouTube. It has 8 episodes featuring 8 real-life love stories, each has a runtime of 20 minutes.

It’s interesting to note that from among the 8 stories in season one, the BL episode raked the most views on YouTube.

From ABS-CBN Entertainment:

And in the fourth episode of ABS-CBN Entertainment’s “Made For YouTube” offering Love Bites that premiered last October 7, we’re able to get a glimpse of the common woes and struggles of people in same-sex relationships.

Titled “He Must Choose”, it follows the love story of Nathan and Jeff, played by Pinoy Big Brother Otso alumnus Sky Quizon and seasoned character actor Nico Antonio respectively, whose relationship would be tested by their differences and distance.

Jeff and Nathan first crossed paths in a male pageant where they instantly became friends after Jeff pacified his jitters. They may have both lost in the competition, but they’re still able to snag the best prize they could ever have in life – each other’s heart. The two officially became a couple and celebrated their first anniversary exactly a year after their first meeting.

In the three years that they have been together, it upset Nathan that they never did the public displays of affection, nor Jeff fetched him from work, gave him flowers in front of other people, changed his social media status to “in a relationship”, and let him be tagged with their photos together and “happy anniversary” posts. Nathan further got hurt when Jeff only perceived those complaints as shallow or “mababaw”.

But they’re able to make amends eventually as Jeff explained that he chose not to do what normal couples do because he wanted to protect him from people who still couldn’t accept the kind of relationship they have. Nonetheless, he told him how much he loves him and promised him as well that he would not forget nor forsake him as he goes to Manila to work.

As they went LDR (or long-distanced relationship), Nathan met Darwin (Genesis Redido) at a pageant and unexpectedly fell in love with him as he found in him everything that he was searching for in Jeff. Unbeknown to Nathan, Jeff already came back from Manila, so the latter witnessed that moment when Darwin picked him from work with flowers and even kissed him without any warning.

This ensued to a fight between them that compelled them to have a cool off period. During their time apart, both of them seemingly realized their mistakes and shortcomings to one another, as they expressed their apologies when they met again after the latest pageant that Nathan joined – and finally won. Jeff also surprised him by doing the things that Nathan used to only wish for him to do to him – give him flowers, hold his hands and kiss him in public, and let him change his relationship status in social media.

The love story of Nathan and Jeff reiterates how communication is indeed the key for any relationship to be successful. If we have problems, we must learn to convey it to our partners or loved ones in order for it to be fixed immediately and not get worse. At the same time, we must also not invalidate the feelings and thoughts of others just because we don’t feel or think the same way.

Watch this episode below:

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