‘Y.G.G.’ by Shanti Dope Featuring HELLMERRY Easily Becomes a Fiery Trending Video on YouTube!

Blissful, dynamic, and excessively proud. It’s how Shanti Dope kicks off 2023 with his latest release called “Y.G.G.”, a track he did anew with his rap bestie HELLMERRY.

As the song unfolds, it’s noticeable that the young rapper tries to experiment with different styles this time around. Here. His vocals feel both enticing and trippy over an easy-listening hip-hop party beat. It follows their 2021 “Loaded” off the Rap Phenom’s ‘Basic EP’ so naturally, they also want to do a surprising continuation of the story from that song’s music video.

Much to the surprise of the hip-hop heads out there, the music video of “Y.G.G.” easily became a titillating flick, thanks to the appearance of the iconic sexy actress Ms. Ina Raymundo. Here, she played as a leader of a special task force in charge of raiding a secret location where Shanti Dope, HELLMERRY, and many others are partying. (WATCH HERE)

The official music video easily became a hot trending video on YouTube, climbing as high as #3 Trending For Music.

Don’t get left out and check out “Y.G.G.” on all digital platforms under Universal Records Philippines.

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