Jon Guelas Cruises Through Love in ‘Always It’s You’ EP

“Listening to the tracks gives you a full journey of what it’s like to love, lose, and find love again,” he said. “I hope people could relate with these songs and use them as a way to express feelings they can’t put into words.”

The EP’s carrier track, “Always It’s You,” is about losing oneself and finding that one person who would pull you away fromdarkness.

“When I wrote this song, I was struggling with all that life had to offer. Then someonecame along and managed to take all that pain away and made life seem a little bit brighter,” shared Jon, who wrote the ballad love song with Russel Ballard and Christian Ballard who also helped in producing the track.

“It’s the last song I wrote on the EP and it’s my favorite. It kind of sums up all the love, heartbreak, and passion within the EP,” he added.

Jon began his journey in the music industry when he auditioned for “X Factor UK” and became a member of a boy band called “United Vibe” which headlined multiple tours in Europe including a show in Hyde Park where they performed with Robbie Williams. He kickstarted his solo career in 2021 with the release of his singles “Wonderland” and “Out of Love.” In the following year, he released the track “Did I Let You Go” that served as one of the soundtracks of the hit series “He’s Into Her.”

Listen to the heartfelt stories of “Always It’s You” available on various digital music platforms. For details, follow Tarsier Records on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

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