How to Perfect the K-pop Look: The Ideal Makeover to Complement Your Heroes

K-Pop is taking over the world with its fun, upbeat, quirky style, much-copied dance moves, and fabulous fashion- not to mention the vibrancy and chart-bothering nature of the music itself! The superstars of the K-Pop world have become fashion icons: from BTS’s Jungkook to Blackpink’s Jenny to NCT’s Jeno, the influence of the genre’s celebs has gone global.

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Want to try out the K-Pop look yourself? Here’s the makeover you need to look just like your idols!

Black and Pastel

Close to Blackpink, blackpastel is key to K-Pop styling! Choose bright pastel colors in shades of pink, blue, green, and yellow, and add some edge with a black jacket or a pair of tailored black trousers. This combination of cutesy with edginess is one of the defining factors of K-Pop fashion!

And you don’t need to stop with your clothes when it comes to color! Many K-Pop stars love to dye their hair in gorgeous pastel colors to match their outfits or create a gloriously clashing effect! And talking of hair, get creative with intricate braids, double buns, cute pigtails, and lots of bright, cheerful accessories.

Get the K-Pop Smile!

One thing that every K-Pop superstar has is a bright white smile, so they’re always paparazzi ready! You might be surprised to know that getting an equally gleaming smile is both easier and more affordable than ever before.

Why not check out the range of at-home whitening products available to achieve a K-Pop smile in the comfort of your own home! Typically, you’ll be sent a kit that includes whitening serum and a mouthpiece, which needs to be used for a short period every day. Results can often last up to a month, so this is a great way to get the smile you want to look like your idols. There are even organic whitening kits on the market and options designed specifically for those with sensitive teeth.

Retro Pieces

Next, a trip to the thrift store is in order! You’ll need to introduce some vital retro pieces to your style to get the K-Pop look. Vintage band T-shirts are perfect, as are 1980s tailored jackets or oversized blazers from back in the day.

Worn with other contemporary and sharp pieces, this fashion makes for a striking look- and is a perfect way to inject some sustainability into your styling! As well as the thrift store, your parents’ wardrobe might be a goldmine…

Pick Out Some Plaid

Plaid is an essential item in any serious K-Poppers’ wardrobe. Whether it’s a plaid shirt, skirt, stockings, or bag, it’ll work! As with the retro pieces mentioned above, why not rummage around in your local thrift store to see what you can find?

Even a simple plaid scarf or hairband can be drafted into service to make your K-Pop look more authentic.

Mini Skirts and Skinny Jeans

These are staples of the K-Pop wardrobe and should make up the backbone of your wardrobe. Add some fun to your look by choosing a brightly-colored pair of skinny jeans or using a vibrantly-patterned scarf as a belt on either your jeans or mini skirt.

Many K-Pop superstars love adding quirky accessories to their clothes, so why not try adding a funky keyring to your skirt’s waistband or embellishing your jeans with diamante or sequins? Get as creative as you like!

The Kawaii Element

The Japanese word ‘kawaii’ means ‘cute’ and is a distinct style developed by Japanese artists in the 1990s. The K-Pop scene has taken this fashion and made it its very own! Think mini backpacks, cute, soft toy keyrings and other accessories, frills, and bows.

K-Pop stars have lots of fun with this style by, for example, adding some quirk to a mostly black, edgy outfit with a cute headband or by using pink ribbons as laces on a chunky pair of boots.

Perfecting the Footwear

Your K-Pop outfit isn’t complete without ensuring you’re putting your best foot forward, too! Wedge sandals and trainers are the way to go, as are shoes with embellishments, like chains, sequins, butterflies, and ribbons.

To really take your K-Pop look to the next level, emulate your idols’ look by wearing this footwear with fishnets, colorful stockings, or white knee-high socks.

Magical Make-Up

When it comes to K-Pop make-up, you can really get creative! Try different pastel shades worn together, like lavender and bright yellow, and slather on plenty of glittery pink or red lip gloss.

Face stickers and jewels, and eyelash sparkles are regularly used, too, to create the wow factor, and matching eyebrow color to eyeshadow shade is a K-Pop fashion trademark!

Have Fun with the Fashion

To embrace your K-Pop heroes’ style, have fun with your styling, and don’t be afraid to mix and match colors, textures, and even eras! The beauty of K-Pop fashion is that you only need a few key pieces and accessories to mix and match for a range of looks. Take the overarching tropes of the style, and add some unique flair for a take on the K-Pop look that’s all your very own!

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