TikTok and Globe Launch the Search for the Ultimate KmmunityPH Kreator

We all have our favorite Korean stars or “biases,” as the fandom slang goes, and this is because they inspire us through their passion for their craft. This kind of influence is what makes most Korean culture fans devoted stans, which also manifests in the way they live and express themselves.

To provide an avenue for Filipinos to share their love for K-culture with others, KmmunityPH, the hotspot for all things Korean created by Globe, has launched “The Search for Kmmunity Kreator” that starts this October. Here, stans are invited to show off how much they know about K-culture through their unique talents.

Kmmunity Kreator for #K-PopPlaylist

How many K-Pop songs do you know? Can you sing them with the same amount of energy and feelings as your bias? Make a compilation of five of the best K-Pop covers you know, complete with stunning vocals and impressive dance moves, and you might just be the ultimate Kmmunity Kreator for #K-PopPlaylist this competition is looking for.

Kmmunity Kreator for #KArt

If your favorite Korean star inspires your creativity and you have the knack for arts, join #KArt and showcase your talent by making the most beautiful and unique illustration or fan art of your favorite K-stars. Who knows, your artistry might just be your ticket to winning a slot as a Kmmunity Kreator.

Kmmunity Kreator for #KTrends

Are you always in the know when it comes to the latest K-Pop happenings? Have something to say or share about the most trending music, series, movies or anything Korean? Show your hosting prowess and wit in fun and engaging video content for #KTrends.

Kmmunity Kreator for #KWaveBias

Who is your #KWaveBias or favorite Korean artist? Show, don’t say. Transform into your favorite K-Pop artist by re-creating their look: strut it with their signature fashion and style, do a make-up transformation, or get the character out in the most moving reenactment of iconic scenes from your favorite K-Drama.

Join the fun and prove to everyone how well you know your bias, or your favorite Korean stars! Just follow these steps:

  • Be a Globe subscriber and join KmmunityPH.
  • Create a 1-2 minute video showing off your talent and upload it to TikTok using the official hashtags #KmmunityKreator, #HallyuTalkPH, and tag @kmmunityph.
  • Register your entry through from October 1 to 31, 2022.
  • The search is open to all residents of the Philippines aged 16-25 years old. If you are 16-17 years old, download and submit the consent form in the registration portal.
  • Twelve (12) finalists from across the four categories will be announced on November 7. They will then move to the next stage of the competition and take a new challenge.

By showing off the depth of their passion for K-culture, four (4) Kmmunity Kreators representing each category will each win P25,000 worth of GCash credits, P2,000 worth of Shopee vouchers, and exclusive access to upcoming KmmunityPH events. Aside from these amazing perks, they will become official HallyuTalkPH content creators and the newest KmmunityPH Ambassadors, giving them more platforms to spread their love for everything Korean.

“We can’t wait to meet our first ever Kmmunity Kreators,” said Pia Gonzalez-Colby, Globe Chief Marketing Officer. “We hope that through this search, the growing community of K-fans will have more space to freely express themselves and use their passion to inspire others, just like how their biases influence them.”

KmmunityPH is a community that supports Filipinos’ passion for everything K-culture. Just like how Kimberly was inspired by Kim Seon-ho and encouraged by the community in this video, the Search for Kmmunity Kreator invites K-fans to share their passions and pursue their dreams, with KmmunityPH supporting them every step of the way.

For more information about the search and everything K-Culture, follow KmmunityPH on Facebook, Viber, Twitter, and TikTok today!

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