The Connection Between TikTok and Students’ Academic Performance

Technology has many benefits to our modern world and students in particular profit from these developments. With the current challenges in our world, technology has allowed students to keep engaged with their studies, even if they can’t physically attend class.

Online resources also enable students who are struggling to receive help with assignments and projects they are stressed about. Technology is a great subject to write about, with essays about technology being an exciting topic for young students to investigate. Besides, students cannot imagine their lives without social media and TikTok is a great way to teach and learn about the world around them. Students’ thoughts about technology in education prove modern trends, especially TikTok to be efficient tools for learning engagement and development. Let’s dive into how exactly TikTok influences modern educational practices.

TikTok makes you binge-watch

Since launching a couple of years ago, TikTok has become one of the most popular social media apps. Allowing users to post short videos, during the worldwide lockdowns this year, the app became the perfect distraction for young people. Alongside fun dance challenges and comedic sketches, there are many interesting and educational videos on the app. Due to time limitations, TikTok creators edit their videos to make the most out of 65 seconds they have. Thanks to his concise format, TikTok vines are irresistible for youngsters and, at the same time, they allow teachers to provide short and clear chunks of information which is much easier to remember and understand. Plus, a video format makes it much more engaging for students than a traditional textbook to study.

A resource for education

While it may not seem so from first impressions, TikTok is an excellent video platform for education. Maybe you have seen some of the funny teacher videos for professional development on the app? Many online influencers now use this platform to share educational, business and career lessons. It’s not just all silly videos featuring your favorite celebrities. If you delve deeper into the platform, you’ll find great TikTok ideas to help you with college writing assignments.

A distraction for students

As discussed above, TikTok is a great tool for education, however, when used during study time, it can be a huge distraction. Using your phone while in school is usually discouraged, and social media apps divert attention away from the lesson at hand. It’s incredibly frustrating for teachers nowadays to have to compete with phones, when they are trying their best to engage the class.

Challenges to encourage personal development

Viral challenges on TikTok such as TikTok Bring It Around Now, are a fun way to connect with new people online. While many of these involve learning dance routines, there are some great educational and personal development ones. The education market can actually really benefit from TikTok. Students who engage with these challenges are likely to be more committed and determined in their studies.

TikTok keeps classes engaged and connected

With the challenges around the world this year, and many students studying from home, TikTok and other social media sites have allowed teachers and students to remain connected. Having a physical connection with teachers is essential for accountability and promoting engagement among students. Without feeling like their teacher is still present, it’s easy for students to disconnect from their studies. Some teachers have turned to social media for lessons, challenges and assignments for their students. By adapting to the technology students love to use in their free time, teachers find their engagement levels with work are higher.

While TikTok and other similar social media sites can be a huge distraction when used at inappropriate times, they are a great educational resource. By keeping lesson plans relevant to our current world, teachers are more likely to engage their students and keep them interested in education. With the challenges we are currently facing, and many students still learning at home, TikTok and related sites are a fun way to still feel connected to your classmates. Next time you’re on the app, take a look at some of the fun challenges that encourage growth and learning in an interactive manner.

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