3 New Luminox Watches that Men will be Obsessed With

Start your search for watches, and you can easily find yourself falling down a rabbit hole of the latest product releases. With so many brands out there, with even more styles and designs to choose from, it’s no wonder many people have become obsessed with watches. 

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A word from the wise, though: just because a watch is appropriate for one situation doesn’t necessarily mean it is a right fit for another. Suppose you’re looking for a high-performance sports watch with incredible luminescence and readability. In that case, we recommend upgrading to the same tool watch the military uses: a Luminox men’s watch

A Brief History of Luminox Watches 

Luminox may be a relatively new brand, but the man behind the California-based high-end watchmaker is no stranger to manufacturing purpose-built wristwatches. 

In 1989, Barry Cohen introduced to the world Luminox, a Latin word that translates to light and night. He partnered with a company that manufactures tritium gas tubes for safety equipment, signage, etc. Together, they created carbon-reinforced quartz watches illuminated with miniature tritium tubes. Shortly after, the Navy SEAL contracted Luminox to create specialized watches for the elite US special operations community. This association with the military shot the brand to fame. The rest, as they say, is history. 

Fast forward to today, Luminox is known to be a range of tactical watches with unparalleled illumination—nearly indestructible, ever-luminous pieces with rugged cases and practical features. It helped spur interest in tactical watches, influencing other brands to follow the lead. Throughout its history, the brand has further diversified its offerings with watches of various style aesthetics, limited-edition collaboration watches, chronographs, and other tactical features. 

In this article, we’re looking into some of the latest releases from Luminox. 

The Best New Luminox Watches Available Today 

1. Bear Grylls x Luminox Ro3 #tide 3720 

Building on the success of their 2021 collaboration, Luminox and survival expert Bear Grylls has teamed up again to introduce a new tactical watch. The 2022 Ro3 (Rule of 3) #tide 3720 is the triangulation of survival, the brand’s mantra of Every Second Counts, and sustainable materials. 

It features a semi-translucent 45mm case and straps made of recycled ocean plastic provided by Swiss company #tide. The strap has a removable sliding tab that lists the Survival Rule of 3:

  • 3 minutes without air
  • 3 minutes without shelter
  • Three days without water
  • Three weeks without food

In a survival situation, the rule lists the priorities to survive. It allows you to prepare for emergencies and focus on immediate problems effectively. 

You don’t have to be an adventurist to appreciate this tactical watch; it can serve as your survival guide in the event of injury or danger posed by the environment. Other survival features of the watch include a 200m water resistance and a tritium-equipped face that is promised to stay illuminated for 25 years. Completing the look is the textured dial that features Grylls’ Never Give Up logo, and the result is a rugged-looking watch that looks as aesthetically appealing as it is functional. 

2. Luminox Pacific Diver Chronograph Watch 

What’s greater than a chronograph dive watch? One with a social purpose—and the Luminox Pacific Diver is just that. First launched in 2020, the line is an ode to the Pacific Ocean made for a partnership between Luminox and an organization that trains Navy SEALS and other special forces for conservation initiatives. 

Two years later, in honor of World Ocean Day in June, the signature line received a colorful update in the form of nine new chronograph watches with scuba divers in mind. The Pacific Diver Chronograph 3140 Series features a 44mm stainless steel case, a unidirectional dive bezel, and other diver-friendly features such as the proprietary Luminox Light technology that illuminates the hour hand and markers. It guarantees the dial’s legibility even at the darkest depths of water. 

The watch is presented on rubber straps in a spectrum of seven bold colors—red, orange, yellow, blue, green, white, and black. These are complemented by a respective, color-matching outer dial-gauge ring. Aside from these, two other executions are finished with a steel bracelet, rending a classic, functional timepiece. 

3. SOPH. x Luminox 3001 

SOPH.—known for its quality menswear apparel—has teamed up with Luminox to release an exclusive limited edition based on the 3001. The rugged timepiece, designed initially according to the specifications required by the Navy Seals, is updated with a lightweight, durable Carbonox case with a black finish and a two-tone unidirectional dive bezel. 

The 43mm model marks the Japanese brand’s first-ever partnership with the watchmaker, and true to the Luminox brand, it features their signature lume that guarantees luminescence for up to 25 years. It features 200m water resistance, hardened mineral glass, and a Swiss quartz movement. 

It is presented in two colorways: one with a black and blue bezel and the other with a blue-and-red combination. Both the cases and straps of each variant are black, and completing the look are the two brands’ logos on the dial. The watch is limited to just 200 pieces and retails for $498. 

A Luminox Men’s Watch for You 

Tool watches aren’t strictly necessary for the military or exclusive to divers. Today, watch enthusiasts alike wear them as an everyday piece to go on about their day. Add in the chronograph and other features such as the stopwatch and rotating bezel, and you have a functional tool that you can use for many reasons. 

Luminox has gone a long way as a brand that initially provided watches for the military. Although Cohen no longer owns Luminox, it remains grounded on the commitment to offer superior luminescence and readability in essential watches. 

Essential gear. Water-resistant. Always visible. Luminox will always be known for these features. Considering these new timepieces as your next one is a great entry point into the range of watches built for the military but enjoyed by anyone who wants a functional and aesthetic timepiece. 

What do you think of these new Luminox watches? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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