5 Two-Toned MK Lexington Watches: Why Should You Buy One?

Two-tone watches that usually combine steel constructions with gold elements for a bi-color look were the epitome of watchmaking in the ’80s. But, alongside shoulder pads, spandex tights, legwarmers, and power suits, they eventually went out of fashion. But, what some called dated and cheap, others called retro. Such aversion is based mainly on people feeling they should not wear such watches and that two different metals should not be mixed. Otherwise, they look over-the-top and reminiscent of a bygone era. 

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Fast forward to today, a growing audience appreciates the look, as evidenced by many recent two-tone releases in the market, where the MK Lexington watch is attracting back attention to two-toned watches.

The Rise and Fall of Two-Tone Watches 

While smartphones are a great way to tell time, nothing arguably looks as elegant as checking the time on a watch strapped to your wrist. Besides being an everyday accessory, a watch completes your outfit and makes you look more put-together. 

We think everyone should have a versatile watch to be paired with almost anything in their wardrobe—and we think a two-toned watch is precisely just that, despite the divided opinions it draws among watch fans. 

Only when you look hard enough you would start to appreciate that two-toned watches are pretty stylish. While they saw their heyday during the ’80s, the style is making a comeback—this time, to offer the best of both worlds of two different materials, which are no longer limited to just stainless steel and gold. 

It’s 2022, and you can find various options, such as a rose gold-and-silver combination for a soft and refined appeal and a black-and-gold combination for a more rugged aesthetic. With a wealth of options, it can be difficult not to get swept up by the two-tone hype—not when you’re constantly bombarded with attractive images of steel-and-gold watches here and there. 

Michael Kors knows this, and the two-tone versions of its classic pieces are but some of the many products that signal the return of bi-color watches. What people once deviated from in the past are somehow looking fabulous again. Let’s look at some two-tone watches from MK that you love or hate. 

5 Best Two-Toned Michael Kors Lexington Watches 

1. MK Lexington Chronograph Quartz Black Dial 

Any list of two-tone watches wouldn’t be complete without a watch that embraces the classic gold-and-steel combination. Now, pair it with a black dial in a 44m diameter case, and the result is a classic watch with a slightly edgy appeal. If you like the classic color combination and want it in a casual package, this MK8714 reference is just about one of the best ways to strap it on your wrist. 

2. MK Lexington Chronograph Navy Dial 

The reference MK8412 is a stunning example of two-tone in a rose gold color instead of the usual gold. While it has a modern appeal, it can’t completely hide its ’80s throwback vibe, which is only further emphasized by its navy blue dial. It’s sure to be one of the two-tone watches that draws polarized reactions from watch enthusiasts. 

3. MK Lexington Chronograph Quartz White Dial 

When arguing why some think two-tone watches work just like any other single-color watch, it often boils down to contrast. A two-tone watch looks more interesting, and this is particularly the case with this 38mm lady’s watch. With its rose gold-tone hands and steel bracelet, this MK5737 reference is as much a piece of jewelry as it is a watch. It looks dainty in a 38mm case and regal with its alternating and Roman numeral indexes. 

4. MK Lexington Chronograph Quartz Grey Dial 

Although white and black dials are the more classic choices, there is something about gray that makes a watch attractive. This MK8561 reference has a semi-matte gray dial that looks almost like paper, and it provides a beautiful backdrop for the brushed steel and rose gold-tone hour markers and hands. With its 44mm case, Miyota JS25 quartz movement, and a date window display, this reference is hard to beat. 

5. MK Lexington Chronograph Mother of Pearl 

Luxury watchmakers are known to use Mother of Pearl for their dressier watches. The iridescent and visually intriguing qualities of the material make these watches rather attractive. But, unlike metal dials, MOP dials undergo a more thorough and delicate process—from the initial selection to the final polishing—thus, the premium price tag. Due to the aesthetical value of these dials, watches that use them usually include other visual features and complications. Such is the case with this MK5955 reference that pairs the MOP dial with a chronograph feature. 

Two-Toned Watches as Investment Pieces 

When you want a classic with a slightly retro appeal, go with a two-toned watch. With these pieces, you not only have an elegant watch but a conversation starter. But, while the case of two-tone’s appeal is settled, the question is, is it worth the investment? When buying a watch, it is frequently advised to avoid two-tone watches, partly because opinions are highly divided, and they depreciate fast. Almost without exceptions, two-toned watches do not gain any value—they depreciate fast and hardly ever bounce back. 

So, whether or not you should buy a two-toned watch is a matter of preference. For anyone looking to mix metals with their watches, we put forth these options from Michael Kors. 


Michael Kors is one of the most excellent designer brands today. In comparison, it’s not entirely wrong to say that there are far more reliable and durable watches out there—from brands that manufacture movements—where MK stands out is its wide range of styles to choose from. They offer some of the most affordable designer watches, perhaps the best and most accessible watches with quartz movements. 

In conclusion, as far as style and design are considered—in this case, two-toned watch options—you can consider Michael Kors as one of the top brands. 

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