Kit Thompson is Hunting for ‘Babae Sa Likod Ng Face Mask’ #ABSLNFM

Are you the girl Kit Thompson is looking for?

Photo: @kitthompson IG

Kapamilya actor/model Kit Thompson recently sparked buzz in social media when he shared an image of a girl on Instagram. The photo, which shows a girl garbed in black tee, a cap and a face mask, bore the caption:

Help, guys! Baka kayo ‘to. Ikaw ba ang babae sa likod ng face mask? Post your photo and use #ABSLNFM so I can check!

Netizens are curious: why is Kit looking for this girl? Isn’t he officially “taken”? The face behind the mask seems pretty but she’s not Kit’s longtime girlfriend, Ana Jalandoni. Is Kit’s search related to an upcoming flick, TV series, or digital ad?

Kit Thompson calls on his followers to help him find the girl behind the face mask. They can use the hashtag #ABSLNFM to post photos of girls they know—or you can post one of yourself!

Who knows? You might be the girl Kit Thompson is looking for.

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