Why Your Business Needs QuickBooks Hosting in 2021

What are the benefits of QuickBooks Hosting?

Businesses of all scales can use desktop versions of QuickBooks provided by hosting services as it safely works in a cloud environment. This means that the business gains access to a secure and well-managed environment.

QuickBooks Hosting is most commonly used by public accountants, business owners, and other financial professionals. This enables access to all the business’s accounting files from any location, at any time, on any device.

Cloud-based QuickBooks save time and energy as you no longer need to spend time sending emails to obtain account files.

This streamlines all accounting-related processes and improves the workflows as it is user-friendly, thus increasing productivity.

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QuickBooks Hosting Features

QuickBooks hosting works well in both single and multi-user environments. Custom applications and external integrations allow hosting providers to adapt according to the unique needs of the business.

Features to consider when deciding a hosting provider: –

  1. Service Contracts

Hosting providers offer various service agreements. Users can choose a month-to-month or an annual plan. They may also offer risk-free plans with no cancellation fees.

  1. Dedicated Servers

QuickBooks is hosted on a dedicated server. This provides enhanced performance and reliability. The server cluster configuration also manages and avoids any discrepancies. Users can also use Azure Virtual Desktop as a Service to host their QuickBooks.

  1. Choose From Multiple Versions

Hosting providers let the users choose the version of QuickBooks that they want to use. This can range from QuickBooks 2014 Pro to QuickBooks 2020 Enterprise.

  1. No Data Storage Cap

The storage space shrinks over time with your data increasing. The hosting providers provide limitless data storage for QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, and QuickBooks Enterprise files.

  1. Multiple File Access

Using a single login, businesses can access and open multiple QuickBooks files. This all takes place inside the hosted virtual desktop infrastructure.

  1. Cross-Platform Compatibility

Many business executives conduct business on the run. QuickBooks hosting is accessible via all the devices like PCs, Macs, iPhones, and Androids using just a web browser.


Why Choose QuickBooks Hosting?

  1. Automated Backups

Most QuickBooks hosting providers offer an automated backup service. This keeps all the financial data safe and secure. This ensures that there is no loss of any business data.

  1. Round the Clock Support

Most of the hosting providers will give the users the privilege of round-the-clock end-user support. This makes it a good grab for the users as if they are stuck with a problem, they know where to ask for help.

  1. Integration of Tools

There is no need to change/replace the work device, as the tools provided with QuickBooks, integrate with the existing user device. It also increases productivity by providing shortcuts and strategies to streamline accounting processes.

  1. Safety

With continuous updates and bug fixes, QuickBooks ensures that the security flaw in their application is fixed (if any) as soon as possible. This keeps all the user data safe and secure.

  1. Increased Return on Investment

With systematic management of cash inflow and outflow, QuickBooks allows easy tracking of inventory, time spent providing services, payments received. This allows the company to meet customer needs and get timely payments. It also reminds the company of upcoming bills which helps in avoiding late or missed payments.

As you see, QuickBooks hosting offers a respected option for managing your business’s accounting needs. Apps4Rent provides services for the implementation and integration of QuickBooks in your business. Apart from this, they also provide other services like Exchange Mailbox Migration with reliable end-user support.

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